Soft Rubber Pet Bath Brush Massage Comb

ID: 29425
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فرشاة تحميم حيوان راس جيلاتين كبس

3.9 $

Bathing Tool Fast Odor Eliminator for Dogs & Cats
Good helper for pets: This is a quick and thorough pets bath brush bathing tool for supplies cleaning, except for cleaning the hair until it reaches the skin. Can also help pet massage, Fast deodorization
Extreme quality: A new type of environmentally friendly soft rubber and silicone soft bath brush, soft and comfortable. Ensures that the life of the brush is greatly extended and does not harm the pet’s skin
Easy to use: It comes with a bath storage box, just unscrew the lid on the top can be poured into the appropriate bath, press the top of the cleaning, the bath will follow the silicone brush out
Best design: Designed for long and short hair(Such as dogs, cats, sheep, horses, etc.)makes bathing an experience for the pet to look forward to again and again. Dual-effects of massaging the skin while stimulating capillaries which enhance healthy skin and coats, Adds sheen to the pet coat.
Easy to cleaner: Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, good elasticity and toughness, high temperature resistance, low temperature, no oil, easy to clean