Cat Dog Brush And Comb Set

ID: 105002

فرشاية حيوان طقم 3ق

5.0 $

Pawise cat and dog brush and comb set helps to provide general hair care. It collects the hairs of cats and dogs that are about to be shed and helps to purify them from pests while taking care of the hair.

* Package includes 1 wire-tipped hair care brush, 1 dense-toothed detangling comb and 1 plastic double-sided lice, dandruff and dust removal comb.
* The fine wire-tipped cat and dog comb helps to collect the hairs that are about to fall out while providing general hair care.
* Cat and dog brush is 16 cm long, 9 cm wide.
* The metal fine-toothed comb is 20 cm long, which helps to open the torn and knotted hairs.
* The untangling comb and wire-tipped brush make it easy to grasp thanks to the rubber handle.
* The plastic comb that helps to remove lice, dandruff and dust in the package is 8.5 x 5 cm in size.