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ميزان ذهب دجيتال

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Capacity: 500g, Accuracy:0.01g, Built-in high-precision sensor, Measurement starts from 0.05g. * Durable and easy to clean: This digital kitchen scale is constructed with a high-quality stainless steel platform and ABS plastic frame * Two Trays included: one tray dimension is about 10.5cm *10.5cm, another tray dimension is about 11cm * 13cm * 6 units: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn. LCD display with blue backlight. * Power: 2*AAA Batteries (Not included). Auto off: 60 Seconds.
1. Place the scale on a leveled surface & press “ON/OFF” key to
turn on the scale or power it off.
2. Wait until the LCD display shows zero, the press “M” key to
choose the weighing unit.
3. Place the item to be weighed on the surface and wait until
the reading is stable.
Tare Function
1.Turn on the scale as described above. 2.Place the “tare item
(like the trays)” on the platform. Press “T” key and wait unit
the LCD displays zero
3. Scale can now be used for weighing. Calibration
1. Place the scale on a leveled surface, power it on. 2. Press
and hold the “M” key until the display reads “CAL”, then release
the key.
3. Press” M”key again and the display will show the required
calibration weight.
4. Place the weight on the center of the platform. The LCD
display will read “PASS” and then return to normal weighing mode.
Remove the weight and turn off the scale.

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