Laser Rangefinder Digital Laser Distance Meter CP-3008 Digital Ultrasonic Distance Measure Handheld Range Finder Distance Meter

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متر ليزر 0.5سم الى 18متر

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This distance meter adopted ultrasonic technology with precision induction, accurately and efficiently meters the distance.
High precision ultrasonic range finder can be used to measure distance, area and volume.
Less error and strong anti-interference ability.
Compact size and light weight, convenient to carry.
The measured distance is determined by transmitting ultrasonic waves to the object to be measured and then calculating the ultrasonic round trip time.
Widely used in building and industry, especially in the building process of room, apartment, factories and other large area.Specification:
Model: CP-3008
Weight: 134g/4.7oz
Measuring range: 0.50 ~ 18.288m
Accuracy: 0.005+1
Battery: 9V (NOT included)
Transmission frequency: 40KHz
Working temperature: 0℃~ 50℃
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