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Korkmaz Single Tek Çay Electric Teapot Samowar Semaver Tea Maker Red

ID: 54328
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62.0 $ 138.1 $

Power : 2200 Watt
Ergonomic and Stylish Design
Wireless feeding unit that can rotate 360 ​​°
Safety system that prevents working without water
High Temperature Protection
Stainless steel heater plate
If it is not used within 5 hours, it will turn off automatically for safety purposes.
With Korkmaz Tek Çay, it is now very easy to enjoy herbal and brewed teas and to make fast and delicious teas. Moreover, Korkmaz Tek Tea uses water temperature; It never interrupts your tea pleasure by keeping it constant at 95 ° C for brewing tea and 80 ° C for herbal tea.

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