Korkmaz Black Granite Casserole Sauce Pan Cookware with Glass Lid

ID: 54605
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كسرول غرانيت اسود 9*18سم

35.3 $ 83.6 $

  • Extra resistance and rigging against scratching.
  • Induction cooker compatible
  • Environmentally friendly production technology.
  • Easy to clean
  • It provides high cooking performance even with low heat with high heat conductivity.
  • Using less oil than other types of pots makes more delicious dishes.
  • Made from recyclable materials.
  • Montana is a granite-look PTFE coating with extra resistance to scratching.
  • It uses high-heat resistant silicone outer coating to make delicious food using very little oil.
  • size: 18×9 cm
  • capacity: 2 L