Kids Toy : Kanz Pırpır Plane Toy (Copy)

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طيارة لعبة

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Kanz Pırpır Plane is an activity toy that the little ones can safely play with fun. It will enable the little ones to take the first step into the aviation world.
With its rotating propeller, landing gear and detailed cockpit, it will both entertain the little ones and improve their motor skills.
Helping to develop fine motor skills, Kanz Pirpir also supports imagination
It strengthens hand-eye coordination.
It is safe with rounded and pointed wing design.
It is the size and weight suitable for the grip of tiny hands.
This safe toy, which does not contain BPA, Phthalates, PVC and similar outer coatings with toxin and lead paint, meets FDA standards. Due to these features, Kanz Pirpir Plane is completely safe even if babies put it in their mouths.
It also allows parents to play with the little ones and teach them new things, and also offers pleasant time for parents.
It is a toy that can be delivered to babies safely.
Technicial Specifications.
24 Months and Over
Product Size: 22 x 12 x 24 Cm.
Package Dimension: 23,5 x 20 x 16 Cm.
Made in Turkey.