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Brain Box 1200 Exciting Experiments + Extra For Kids
These projects kits are excellent for those budding electronic engineers, to teach principles of Electronics and Electricity. Experiment and build kits with ease, practically no tools needed. Each part is designed for easy and quick assembly. Components connected together with press-studs. The easy to handle components snap together to create a huge number of different circuits on the base board.
Many hours of fun while learning. The process of actually building the circuits provides a real understanding of how circuits work. All wires are secured within the components so the kit is entirely safe and amazingly simple to operate. Kids of all ages will rapidly learn how to set up the circuits and will be entranced by the results of their experiments.
Older kids will increase their knowledge of electronics by using their imaginations to design their own circuits. Understanding of Electronics is a vital part of a child’s scientific education. These kits remove the frustration of handling small and delicate electronic parts, replacing them with safe and reliable components.
About the Brain Box 1200 Exciting Experiments + Extra for kids
For ages 6 and up
Requires: 4 x AA batteries (not included)
Instruction booklet