Kaloo Les Amis Eau De Toilette Spray 100ml

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Kaloo les amis builds upon base notes of blackberry, musk and sandalwood to create a sweet, powdery fragrance for babies. The heart of the cologne is made up of green leaves and lemon blossom, while top notes of lavender, bergamot, mint, mandarin orange and grapefruit give the fragrance a sweet, citrusy overtone. The overall result is an aromatic accord with hints of floralcy.

Fresh, pure and delicate, this eau de toilette opens with sparkling notes of green leaves, tangerine, bergamot and grapefruit associated with the aromatic character of mint and lavender. The lemon blossom envelops the fragrance with its tenderness and its solar charm. The musky wake reveals fruity blackberry tones supported by a touch of sandalwood.

For children, from 3 years up to the greatest, like Mom.

A concentration greater than the scent water for a good hold on the skin and optimal diffusion in the baby room.

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