Grill Non-stick Non-smoke Electric Grill Pot Barbecue Pan For Indoor Outdoor Use

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شواية كهرباء 1400واط

32.6 $

1400 Watt
5-Level Temperature Control: The indoor grills features a thermostat, which can be adjusted to your desired temperature for different food. Adjust surface temperature precisely with just a turn of the dial. Detachable heat control thermostat automatically maintains the proper cooking is ideal for a variety of cooking options, grill like professional chef!
2-in-1 Cooking Versatility: Double cooking zones (flat & textured) for griddling and grilling. Electric griddle makes pancakes, eggs and meats without the need for multiple pots/pans. It can be used for any meal.Featuring portable design, it is not only great for family cooking, indoor BBQs, dinner parties but also suitable on camping, caravanning and self-catering holidays.

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