Game Queue Kolejka

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Queue is a board game about the realities of everyday life in the years of declining communism in Poland. The task of the players seems simple – they have to send their family to the shops on the board and buy all the goods on the shopping list. The problem, however, is that the shelves in five neighborhood stores are empty. In this realistic board game you have to do some trick to get the goods you want.
Stand in front of the store with your family and experience real emotions in the queue!
The contents of the box:
• the game board
• the board with delivery vehicles
• 30 pieces in 6 colors
• 50 queue cards in 5 colors (10 of each color)
• 5 shopping list cards
• 60 goods cards
• 15 goods delivery cards in 5 colors (3 of each color)
• 5 player aid cards
• starting player token and vendor pawn
• Instructions

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