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Clear Spot On Flea Tick Treatment Medicine Pets

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دواء حيوان سائل

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Kills 98-100% Fleas in 3-12 Hours
☑️Used at home and abroad for the cat and dog anti-flea lice medicine
☑️The effectiveness of maintenance for three times the other treatment drugs
☑️Effect can be sustained in more than 1 month.
☑️Long-term use can be completely clear the pet body and The environment of fleas and lice
☑️Good safety performance
☑️Can be used in pregnant and lactating bitches and mother cats, but also in more than 14 days of puppies and 8 weeks old kittens.

Specifications: 2.5ml

How to Use:
1 Cut the bottleneck and drop
2 Then unplug the hair after the neck and visible to the skin
3 Drops directly on the skin can be used, once after a week after a drop.

**Suggested later use once a month to ensure your pet health.

Pet Weight Dosage:
<2kg – 0.5ml
2 – 3.9kg – 1.0ml
4 – 5.9kg – 1.5ml
6 – 7.9kg – 2.0ml
8 – 9.9kg – 2.5ml(1tube)

Pet medication within 24 hours after bathing can not protect the efficiency
This product is forbidden to play for children
The agent can not be watered for medicine bath
Use the agent hand pollution can be cleaned with soap
If the use of this agent after the sound of adverse reactions, Please use calcium gluconate hanging drops, and feed with high-dose water.