Baby Safety Cabinet Drawer Lock Latches Catches (9 cm)

ID: 53362
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قفل حماية جارور 9سم

1.5 $

Can be used to secure any cupboard, shelves, appliances, dustbins, etc. which are at a height easily accessible by kids – whether they contain tools, chemicals, medicines, electric supply areas, or appliances that could prove life threatening – Can be used even to lock doors through which you want to restrict access – Durable build that is sure to last way longer – Perfectly fit into modern ambience without compromising the aesthetic appeal and can be easily removed when baby has grown reasonably

✅ BABY PROOF YOUR HOME – Be assured of your kid’s safety while the little explorer wanders around in the home unmonitored – our baby safety cabinet locks offer an easy way to baby-proof your home & achieve peace of mind without making any permanent alternations.

✅ VERSATILE – Use these child safety latches / baby locks for cabinets as cupboard locks, or for locking shelves & drawers containing medicines, chemicals, toiletries, floor cleaners, or even riskier appliances like refrigerator, microwave, as well as toilet seats, or any other areas you can identify.