Floor lamp Trio Mons

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لمبة ستاند 11واط

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The power of the main lamp is 11W, LED type base.
The floor lamp comes with an LED module. It has a high light output, mechanical strength, long service life, does not contain harmful substances, and is resistant to low temperatures.
A color temperature of 3000K produces a warm white light tone that is ideal for illuminating living spaces, rest and relaxation areas such as bedrooms, guest rooms, children’s rooms, etc.
The number of light sources in the Trio 477710106 Mons model is 1 pc.
The total luminous flux is 1000lm.
The floor lamp is connected from the mains 220V, and the foot switch provides the ability to turn the device on and off.
The Trio 477710106 Mons luminaire has a degree of dust and moisture protection IP20, which protects the surface of the lighting device from deliberate contact with fingers and objects with similar parameters.

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