Zoofari Pet Shaving Machine

ID: 29364

مكنة حلاقة حيوان DC-18

22.4 $

ZOOFARI DC18 + 4 Heads + Accessories for dogs and cats
The animal mower is the complete solution for the care of your pet, so you will no longer depend on the veterinary appointments, thus saving money.
Due to the powerful motorcycle of the Zoofari mower, you will no longer have to insist on a certain area for the desired results and thus spend less time caring for your animal.
– high quality, durable and reliable blades
– powerful engine
– works at the outlet (240v)
– silent
– blade width (4.5 cm) is sufficient for a larger coverage of the target area.
– dimensions 16×6 cm
The package contains:
– 1 Zoofari animal trimmer
– 4 ends for adjusting the length (3-6-9-12mm)
– brush for cleaning
– oil for cleaning
Pet brush Pet zoom, is a professional quality care brush for your pet (cat or dog).
Use the Pet Zoom animal brush for dogs and cats with short hair, long hair, curly hair or any other type of fur.
Pet Zoom Animal Brush, with its soft brush, offers ultra-comfort to all individual care needs.
Package Content 1 trimmer; 4 spacers; 1 bottle of lubricating oil;