Yogurt Maker Machine, Household Appliances Automatic Fermented Yogurt Maker with Stainless Steel Inner Pot Breakfast Baby, Kids, Home Organic Use

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غلاية حليب قالب ستانلس 15واط

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Automatic yoghurt machine allows you to make delicious yoghurt easily. Add fungus powder to pure milk, cover and plug in the power, ferment for 8-10 hours, add fruit and honey when the work is finished. Is healthier and more nutritious than commercial yogurt.
This yogurt machine can not onl-y make yogurt, but also make rice wine, natto and various fermented foods.You can control the ingredients according to your family’s preferences to satisfy your family’s different tastes.
The lining of yogurt natto machine adopts food grade stainless steel material. microcomputer control system creates constant and EQUA-L heating transmission. safe to use. Energy saving, with memory protection function. The machine will turn off automatically after 10 hours.
Yogurt maker machine is the perfect way to ea-t healthier, free from any colorings, food additives and preservatives. All containers are BPA-FREE, easy to clean and top rack dishwasher safe
Large capacity of 1L can meet the needs of customers, not onl-y can make the weight to meet the whole family, but also enough to entertain friends at parties.

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