WeiKang 4 pcs Protection Corner Thick and Soft Baby Table Corner Protector Safety Guard

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كتشوك حماية زاوية فوم 4ق.

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As we all know the child are curious about everything in the unknown. As parents, the most thing we don’t want to see is our children getting hurt.

In particular, every corner is my children’s favorite toy. Suddenly hit the corner may cause painful injuries. Any sharp Angle is a weapon for children,
it may cause considerable damage to your child’s head.
●Made from safe and non-toxic NBR foam.
●Easy to install and remove.
●Soft, light weight thick and durable.
●Suitable for applying on tables, desks banisters or sharp corners at home.HOW TO USE1.Clean the surface where you want to install and let it dry completely.
2.Take out and peel off all 3M tapes of adhesive backing.
3.Put corner Protectors in the correct place.
4.Press and hold each side firmly for at least 30 seconds.
5.Wait at least 48 hours for full adhesion before testing.
6.Includes: 4 pcs corner guard with 3Mdouble sided tape

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