Vending Machine Snack/Drink..

ID: 87076
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16,595.5 $

Technical Specifications
Height: 1830mm
Width: 895mm
Depth: 810mm
Weight: 247kg
Connection: 220-240 AC. 50Hz
Energy Efficiency comes with
energy saving features as standard, with
programmable LED lighting and awarded
Temperature control
Programmable temp. range: 5ºC-21ºC
Snack and Confectionery System
• LED low-energy lighting
• Extremely reliable
• Carbon Neutral for 5 years
• Shopping cart function
• High capacity
• Cashless system available
• Large glass front

designed to attract the consumer to the machine
and inspire confidence. The new customer interface area has been styled in
a high gloss, durable finish with LED surround lighting. The interface panel
and LED lighting are customisable to any location or brand attracting more
consumers and boosting sales. When the Media range is fitted with an
intuitive payment systems the design is further enhanced with matching
coloured LEDs that backlight the transparent payment bezels.

designed to
make the whole transaction process as easy and intuitive
as possible. Users can fill up a virtual Shopping Cart
with multiple items and pay in one simple transaction.
Media always gives the user the option to ‘Buy More’
with one simple click driving increased spend. The screen
communicates the different payment options available and
allows the user to correct any