Universal portable computer table, adjustable PC and office stand, stylish and comfortable furniture

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The main advantage of the folding table is its versatility. Whether it’s for breakfast in bed, dinner in the chair in front of the TV, work on the computer or in a non-smoking conversation to have a morning cup of coffee on the porch. This universal folding table can be used not only for adults. But also children of almost any age. Due to the lack of unnecessary details, it is very convenient to operate. It’s easy to fold and incredibly easy to disassemble.
The comfortable matte base table 2 allows you to move it to any piece of furniture: a sofa, a chair. This folding table is equipped with an ergonomic wide table, on which it can be easily placed, as a complete meal: first, second, dessert, drink and a laptop. Such furniture is extremely durable, unpretentious in care, practical. In its manufacture, steel of the highest quality with spraying and polypropylene is used.
The compact dimensions (52 by 40 cm) and the low weight of the matte tail 2 (3.25 kg) make it an excellent alternative to any piece of furniture for which mobility is required. The creators of table mate 2 provided you with all the necessary settings, with which the Table becomes the most real single object of use. Adjusting the height (from 55 to 73 cm), adjusting the inclination of the top of the Table, you can make the Table as convenient as possible. Working for such furniture, you will not feel tired, your health will be safe.

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