UHU Repair All Powerkit

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تلزيق يوهو 60 غ

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A two-component, fast curing epoxy resin, indispensable when you need to achieve maximum bond strength. It comes in handy for repairs, assembly work, bonding, modeling, sealing, fixing and filling cavities.

Repair All Powerkit “Cold Welding” is solvent-free, has extremely high adhesion to most materials, can be used for underwater bonding, as well as for bonding parts to damp substrates.

The resulting adhesive bond will have increased resistance to stress, weathering and time.
The surfaces to be bonded must be clean and free from grease. Irregularities must be created on smooth surfaces.

Cut off the required amount of UHU Repair all “Cold welding”, remove the protective film, knead the mass until the color is completely uniform. Apply the resulting mass to the junction and press. In the presence of holes and slots, it is necessary to press the mass into them with force. Cut off the remaining unnecessary part of the mass.

After 2-10 minutes, initial curing occurs under standard conditions (room temperature, clean, dry surface). On a damp surface and under water, hold the mass until hardening begins – 15 minutes

You can fully process the frozen mass after 60 minutes. Complete hardening occurs after 12 hours (at room temperature).

Store in a cool place (but not at freezing temperatures).

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