Saber Silicone Elasto GP Acrylic Sealant

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Anti-fungal Acrylic Sealant for Internal use in connecting
joints, chinks, cracks with excellent adhesion
ELASTO® Acrylic is a one-part acrylic sealant for interior sealant applications
around windows and doors. Sealant is paintable, flexible and easy to apply. It
exhibits good adhesion to building substrates including plaster, concrete,
masonry, brickwork, anodized aluminum, gypsum, PVC and wood. It is not
generally recommended to paint over elastic expansion joints.
• Movement accommodation up to 10%
• For Indoor Use
• Paintable 3 hours after application
• Aging Resistance
• Solvent Free (water-based)
Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease,
dust and frost. In case of renovation work, old
sealant as well as old paint must be removed
completely. It is recommended to apply a
suitable back-up material (closed cell
polyethylene backer rod or PE-foil) on the
bottom of the joint to prevent the sticking of the
sealant to the back of the joint.

Application of the sealant during extreme
temperature variations should be avoided.
Sealant joint width should be designed to
accommodate movement capability of sealant.
After suitable joint preparation and masking
using ELASTO® general purpose masking tape,
extrude the sealant and tool within 5 minutes,
using a spatula dipped in soapy water. Remove
masking tape immediately after tooling. If
necessary, clean uncured material using an
approved sealant remover or soapy water. For
removal of cured sealant, abrasion or other
mechanical means may be needed.
Porous substrates, e.g. concrete and untreated
wood should be pre-treated with a diluted
sealant (ELASTO® Acrylic with water in a ratio of
1:1 to 1:5). Before applying primer remove
cement grouts, release agents and oil coatings.

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