Saber Silicone Elasto GP Acetoxy Silicone Sealant

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For Int./Ext. use in sealing & adhesion on most building
materials. Superior performance & weather resistance.
Superior interior/exterior one-component weather silicone sealant with
excellent adhesion to non-porous material such as glass, metals, aluminum,
glazed ceramic tiles etc… Exceptional resistance to harsh weather conditions.
Suitable for general sealing applications and waterproofing in cars, caravans,
kitchens and bathrooms… Available in several standard colors and in custom
colors. Short skinning and drying time.
• 100% silicone polymer
• Indoor & Outdoor Use
• Color customization – color matching
• Excellent UV, aging and weather resistance
• Excellent resistance to shrinkage, cracking,
• Solvent Free
• Short skinning and drying time

Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease,
dust and frost. In case of renovation work, old
sealant as well as old paint must be removed
completely. Surface should be cleaned with a
suitable solvent for the substrate such DYNAPRO® Silicone Cleaner, isopropanol etc.
This sealant is ready to use. After suitable joint
preparation and masking, the sealant is gunned
into place and tooled within 5 minutes, using a
spatula which has been dipped in soapy water.
Remove masking tape immediately after tooling.
If necessary, clean uncured material using an
approved sealant remover. For removal of cured
material, abrasion or other mechanical means
may be needed.

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