Saber Silicone Aquarium Silicone

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سيليكون شفاف للاكواريوم 300غ

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Specially formulated for aquarium manufacturing with
superior adhesion to glass tanks. Solvent-free & fish-safe
• Movement accommodation up to 15%
• Non-toxic, Fish safe
• Good resistance to UV and temperature extremes
• Aging and moisture Resistance
Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease,
dust and frost. In case of renovation work, old
sealant as well as old paints must be removed
completely. Surface should be cleaned with a
suitable solvent for the substrate such as DYNAPRO® Silicone Cleaner, isopropanol etc.
This sealant is ready to use. After suitable joint
preparation and masking using Dyna-Pro®
general purpose masking tape, extrude the
sealant and tool within 5 minutes, using a spatula
dipped in soapy water. Remove masking tape
immediately after tooling. If necessary, clean
uncured material using an approved sealant
remover or other suitable solvent. For removal
of cured sealant, abrasion or other mechanical
means may be needed.
This product features adhesion to a variety of
non-porous substrates; however, for specific
substrates, priming may be necessary to improve
adhesion. Please consult our Technical Service

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