Saber Polyurethane Sealant

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معجونة بوليرتان 300ملل انبوب.اسود

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A one component elastomeric based polyurethane sealant. It forms a
highly elastic, tear and weather resistant joint.
DYNA-PRO® Polyurethane Sealant offers good adhesion without
primer on usual materials such as glass, stone, ceramic tiles,
polyester, anodized aluminum, concrete, wood, most lacquered
metals etc.
• Easy to apply
• Good adhesion
• Good UV and weather resistance properties
• Excellent quality and stability
• No sagging
• Good extrusion rate
Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease,
dust, oil and any contaminant possibly harming
the bonding. It is recommended to clean the
surface with a suitable solvent such as
methylethylketone, acetone etc.
Apply using a manual or a pneumatic gun.
Once applied, smoothen the joint with a putty
knife dipped in soapy water.
Once the cartridge is opened, the product should
be used within 24 hours; Otherwise, it could
Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C.
During curing, avoid contact with non-cured
polyurethanes, silicone sealants and alcohols

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