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تلزيق ايبوكسي 300ملم

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DYNA-FIX ® EPOXY ACRYLATE is a two-component chemical anchoring system
which offers excellent adhesion to building material such as concrete,
masonry (solid and hollow), hard natural stone, solid rock, voided stone or
rock etc. It is used in rebar applications, starter bars, crash barriers, masonry
support, safety railing and fencing etc…
With superior bond strength compared to its polyester based counterpart, this
product is suitable for more demanding applications.
• Applied with standard caulking gun
• Economical injection system
(reduced drilling diameter)
• Anchors may be placed close to
free edges
• Applied in dry, wet or even flooded
conditions with performance
• Variable embedment depths
• Ratio of 10:1

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