PlastArt 20lt Mop Plastic Cleaning Set Mopset

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سطل تمسيح بلاستيك مع عصارة 20لتر

16.7 $

Mop Set, your biggest assistant in floor cleaning!
* 20 liters of water volume.
* Easy to wash thanks to the rotating head on the bottom of the water tank.
* Squeezes the water fully thanks to its rotating head.
* 360 degree rotating quick head.
* Specially designed clamping slot.
* Helical internal system that facilitates the squeezing action of the mop handle.
* Thanks to its 180-degree rotating head, it helps you to easily clean the bottom of your furniture.
* Easily removable head apparatus.
* Internal screwing system that separates the mop handle into 2 parts.
* Locking the up-down movement on the mop handle, the function of turning the movement of the rotary head on and off.
It is BPA free and made from recyclable material.
Dimensions: 31 x 44 x 30 cm

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