Planting Mini Cactus Planting Set Agriculture Tools Available In Two Colors

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طقم زراعة ميني

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Serinova Cactus Planting Set Succulent Care Set 4 Pieces Toak Container Shovel Root Remover Nest Opener (Black)
You should not water the cactus planted in a pot with the CACTUS PLANTING SET for a few days. When water is given, you cause the roots to rot when they remain wet. It is sufficient for the soil to be moist so that the cactus roots do not get wet and rot. Make sure the cactus is in a sunny and ventilated location. It should not be left in too much sun. Keeping it in a sunny place occasionally will ensure healthy growth of the plant. You can use sandy cactus soil or special cactus soil. It needs to be watered once a week in spring. This water will enable it to grow like a kind of life water. Polluted cacti do not develop efficiently and healthily. If your plant is dusty, you should definitely clean it from that dust. With the Cactus Planting Set, you can easily plant your cacti and watch them flourish.

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