PARKSIDE® engraver, with 4 templates, 34.5 watts, infinitely adjustable stroke depth

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فرد حفر عالخشب نقار-parkside

30.9 $

High quality and durable engraving tip made of tungsten steel
Suitable for many materials such as metal, stone, ceramic, glass, wood or plastics
Included accessories: 4 engraving templates
Ergonomic pen shape with non-slip soft grip
Technical specifications

Nominal current: 0.15A (S3 20%)
Nominal power: 34.5 W.
Strokes: 6000 min -1
Infinitely adjustable stroke depth via rotary control

Engraving device (with tip): approx. 160 x 60 x 45 mm
Engraving tip: approx. 95 mm x Ø 3 mm
Engraving templates (4 pieces): approx. 95 x 56 mm each

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