Parchis Ludo Board Game

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Game Instructions
Every player gets 4 counters of the same color, which have to be placed in his corner of the board. The players take it in turns to throw the dice. If the player throws a 6, he can move his counter forward according to the number thrown. Through the movement, if there is a counter of another player, the counter of the opponent player will be removed and has to return to the start position. The players have to complete the course with all 4 counters and can only reach “HOME” by throwing the exact number on the dice. The player who places all 4 of his counters on “HOME” wins the game.

Strengthen child’s visual perception, and motor coordination.
Helps develop children’s logical thinking skills during game play.
A very good parent-child interactive toy.
Multi-player board game, suitable for family and party game.
Teaches children patience taking turns, random number generation, counting, and memory skills.
Lightweight and suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
Age Range: 3 years and above.
Gender: unisex.
Material: foam and plastic.
Number of players: 2-4 players.
Package includes:
Large foam mat.
Automatic dice.
16 counters (4 colors).

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