Nasal rinsing salt: Storage pack with 60 dosing bags

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Salt – good for the mucous membranes
Numerous studies show that regular nose rinsing leads to a reduction in the frequency of colds and shorter duration of illness. Likewise, pollen allergy sufferers can reduce the consumption of anti-allergic drugs by cleaning the nose of pollen.

The nasal rinsing salt is a salt (sodium chloride) in pharmaceutical quality. Nasal rinses should be carried out exclusively with salts of this high quality and purity, as they are free of preservatives and flow regulators.

The right solution:
Nasal rinses to clean the nose should be carried out with isotones (adapted to the mineral content of the blood) solutions.
Rinses with solutions concentrated too high or too low can irritate or dry out the nasal mucosa.

Dosage and application:
Dissolve 1 dosing bag in 250 ml of warm water and rinse the nose.
The practical dosing bags are precisely matched to the filling volume of the nasal rinser (250 ml). Nasal rinses can be performed up to 3x daily with 250 ml of solution each.