Milk Frother Hand Mixer Mini Nescafe Coffee Milk Frother Battery Power

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خلاط نسكافية عالبطارية

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Electric Mixer Design
With a compact and small design, the electric mixer won’t make your kitchen look full. The shape of the mixer body is perfect for holding in the hand so it is comfortable to use for stirring drinks. The shape of the head of the mixer is made like a blender so that the mixer can stir your drink until it dissolves perfectly.

Excellent material
Made of quality plastic material on the handle or body, the mixer will remain light when held. The head is made of solid stainless steel and does not rust easily when used.

Easy to use
As for how to use the mixer is very easy. All you have to do is insert the battery and press the on button, then this electric mixer will be active and ready to stir your drink. Stirring drinks becomes easier and more efficient.

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