Massager , Bodycare Automatic Roll Kneading Foot Air Press Massager Master With Heating

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مكنة مساج ارجل

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Product Features1. Egg-shaped design, fashionable and beautiful, lightweight and portable;2.A combination of a variety of functions including scratching, roller kneading andpush kneading acupressure, air pressure and heating;3.Massager Pad that provides all-around massages and in-deep acupressure to clear the body’s meridians and foot reaction zones;4.Removable and washable cover, allowing you to keep clean at any moment,5.The coil is received, bringing convenience to life. Those people need the most massage, if you have the following troubles, then please note.White collar in the workplace:Early nine late five struggling people, had been subject to physical and psychological double pressure, foot massage master can relieve fatigue, the release of pressure.Cold hands and feet:Beauty of the cold and cool, but the beauty of the hands and feet cold is really a lot of women’s troubles, foot massage master has been effective in improving the blood circulation of the soles of the feet, effectively alleviate the cold hands and feet ice cold symptoms.Women who wear high heelsHigh heels so that women love and hate, although beautiful, but often bring pain in the soles of the feet, calf fatigue and other pain, there are; foot massage master. You can effectively solve this trouble.Insomnia and more dreams:Tossing the anti-side sleep at night, one day without energy, then find the foot massage master, before going to bed massage the following feet, relax the following body, can effectively improve the quality of sleep.decrease in immunity:In the elderly prone to back pain, dizziness, geriatric disease. Foot massage master can effectively help to eliminate toxins, enhance the body’s immune system and promote blood circulation.

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