Mano 4 Tier Plastic Shelving Unit Storage Racking Shelves For Home Garage Warehouse

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MANO 4 SHELF (410x790x200) RF-404
It is made of Compaunt copolymer pp material, which is not affected by heat, oil, base and acid.
It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is not affected by rain, cold and heat. Since the raw material is used in its original color, its color does not fade and can be used easily for many years.
It can be fixed side by side thanks to the lock slots machined into the solid floor bodies. Shelf parts are mounted on each other vertically and horizontally to become suitable for the desired space.
There is a separate wall mounting bracket for each pipe for the surfaces to be fixed. Thanks to the plug at its base, it does not slip on the floor.
There are plugs at the pipe ends to make the appearance aesthetic.
Each shelf can bear 25 kg of weight. Our product is 100% domestic production. Compared to its counterparts, there is not the slightest burr on any edges or joints, so
there is not the slightest element that would disturb the hands when touched by a human.
ستاند بلاستيك 4طبقات 40*40*78سم

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