LIve Stream Audio Interface V8

ID: 29580
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External Audio Mixing Sound Card USB Audio Interface with Multiple Sound Effects Built-in Rechargeable Battery for Singing Shouting Live Streaming Chatting Music Recording

44.0 $

Features: Compact size external sound card with full metal shell; double DSP noise reduction chips provide you with excellent sound quality. 6 sound modes: Electro, Pitch Bend, Magic, Shock-Wave, MC, Dodge; 12 sound effects: Cheer, Embarrass, Gun, Despise, Debut, Kiss1, Laugh, Clap, Pay attention, Kiss2, Songs1, Songs2. with control knobs for microphone volume, echo volume, treble, bass, record volume, music volume and monitor volume adjusting. With LIVE1, LIVE2 and Accompany instrument USB jacks; 3.5mm earphone speaker & headset output jacks; 3.5mm condenser mic & 6.35mm dynamic mic input jacks. Compatible with smartphone, PC and laptop, and supports major mainstream live broadcast software, such as YY, Tik Tok, etc. Specifications: Material: metal Power Supply: built-in rechargeable 1200mA lithium battery Item Size: 12.7 * 10.7 * 2.5cm / 5 * 4.2 * 1in Item Weight: 305g / 10.8oz Package Size: 22.5 * 14.5 * 5cm / 8.9 * 5.7 * 2in Package Weight: 437g / 15.4oz Package List: 1 * Sound Card 2 * Audio Cables 1 * USB Charging Cable Note: 2 types of sound card