Little One Bathing Sand

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رمل هامستر 1كيلو

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Chinchillas have the thickest fur of all the animals in the world. They also lack sweat and oil glands. In their natural habitat, chinchillas regularly wash themselves in volcanic ash and fine dust to remove the excess liquid and hairs and to clean their fur. Degus, gerbils and hamsters also take sand baths. Regular quartz sand cannot be used for pet baths as it gets in their fur and scratches the hair.

Little One bathing sand is a perfect hygienic way of taking care of your pets’ fur. Soft smooth sand granules will give the thick fur of chinchillas and other decorative pets a thorough cleaning and remove condensed water and oil. Little One sand does not scratch the fur and is easy to shake off, making your pet’s fur look luxurious and glossy.

The sand has undergone thermal treatment.

Instructions for use
  • Give chinchillas a bath at least three times a week. In high humidity and high temperature conditions, they have to have baths daily.
  • Pour the sand into the dust bath 3-5 cm thick.
  • The bathing should take around 30 minutes.
  • Replace the sand completely after it gets soiled.
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