Kids Education Frank Playing with Colours Puzzle

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Early Learning: This jigsaw set is often opted for by parents and educators in learning spaces such as homes, schools, daycares and kindergartens. It is designed to keep little ones busy with constructive activities and to help shape their skills, while enjoying themselves.
Self-Correcting Activity: Designed in sets of 5 pieces, these jigsaws are self-correcting, fitting only their right piece. Children have to sort the animals and familiar objects according to their colour. They have fun finding the perfectly-fitting piece—learning how to observe and try again.
Skills Development: The 5-piece puzzle intrigues children and enhances their problem-solving abilities. The jigsaw set makes children grasp each piece, turn & test its fit—laying the foundation for analytical thinking needed in higher grades.
Educational Gifts: Frank Playing with Colours Puzzle can be a perfect gift for the young minds. Not just for birthdays, this puzzle can be gifted as a reward to kids, as a means to appreciate and encourage them to explore and learn. It can be beneficial for kids of different ages.

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