Non-Refundable INTEX Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner With Telescopic Aluminum Axle

ID: 84370
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Rechargeable handheld

89.0 $

  • Manual vacuum cleaner for Pool or Spa Intex that will help you to keep the bottom clean of dirt and debris
  • Batteries are rechargeable and charge in about 50 minutes by recharging
  • Great suction capacity to keep dirt and debris clean from the water in the inflatable Spa or your removable pool
  • It has a telescopic aluminum shaft and has an automatic closing when it is not submerged in the water
  • The vacuum cleaner incorporates a water resistant switch or the brush heads are interchangeable.
  • Includes USB cable. The charger is not included
  • The vacuum cleaner is suitable for any range of Intex Spa or detachable poo
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