Handy Stitch Mini Sewing Machine, Portable, Handheld

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مكنة خياطة يدوي

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This handheld sewing machine is incredibly lightweight which makes it very suitable for a quick sew anywhere; you can easily store it but you can also easily pack it for travel
The best sewing machine for your needs as it can be used on various materials such as woven fabrics; Perfect for making DIY projects and shopping bags and aprons and even for some quick repairs; It is a great sewing machine but also it is simply the best mini sewing machine for most ages
Our small sewing machine set is perfect for beginners; Inside the set there is one handheld sewing device (without battery) 1 threader 1 needle 1 extension different colored spindle spools and 1 manual; After adjusting the mounting plate there is a button to press to sew

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