GREENWORKS G40 Portable Pressure Washer

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The Greenworks G40 cordless pressure washer is the perfect machine for cleaning outdoor areas and cars.
Its compact design and a power of 1900 W together with a pressure of 135 bar and a maximum flow rate of 420 L / h facilitate washing and cleaning tasks for optimal results with minimal effort. Includes a pressure lance, different nozzles and a 6 m pressure hose.

EAN code                                     6952909024745
Connection                                   voltage / drive Electric
Power in watts                             1900 W.
Maximum pressure                     135 bar
Capacity                                        420 liters per hour
Maximum water temperature  40 ° C
Length of the hose                      6 meters
Cord length                                  5 meters
Dust and water tightness          IPX5-S1
Dimensions                                  59.5 x 13.2 x 32.7 cm
Weight                                           8.7 kg

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