GimCat Cat Grass Rapid Germination Bag 100g

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Gimcat cat-grass 100g

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Fresh cat grass with rapid germination bag.
Cats need cat grass in order to regurgitate the indigestible components in the stomach, such as hairballs, bone fragments, etc.
Instructions for use:
1. Cut open the sachet along the marked line.
2. Open the section and moisten the substrate evenly with approx. 1½ cups (approx. 225 ml) of lukewarm water. Close section. Remove excess water after about 1 hour.
3. Place the bag with the neckline closed in a warm, bright place out of direct sunlight and avoid direct contact with the heating air.
4. After about 3 days the grass will start to sprout. Then, like a flower, use a spray bottle to keep it moderately moist but not wet.
5. Within 8 days, the clipping will open and the cat grass can grow fully.
6. From a height of 4-5 cm you can put it in front of your cat.

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