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Flamax Safety Fuel Paste

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جل اشعال فونديل 3*100مل

4.5 $

Whether Chinese fondue, cheese fondue or delicious raclette: the rechaud reliably keeps your delicacies warm. Provided that you use a suitable fuel paste!

Flamax safety fuel paste remains soot-free and odorless during combustion.

Simply pull off the lid, place it in the burner bowl, light it – and off you go!

  • Flaxmax safety fuel paste, set of 3
  • Contents per pack: 3 bowls with 100 ml fuel paste each
  • Low-odor and clean: soot-free when burned
  • Long burning time
  • Made on the basis of organic alcohol
  • Contents per bowl: ethanol denatured with methyl ketone, with thickener cellulose derivatives
  • Highly flammable – burner for fuel paste – also relevant or suitable for: cans, chimneys, chimneys, fondue, rechaud, raclette, raclette, temperature
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