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Flamax fuel paste 200g

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جل اشعال موقدة 200غ

3.1 $

For gastronomy and private households

For chafing dishes in restaurants or at home for keeping food warm on buffets

The fuel paste is the safe, clean and simple solution for reliably keeping food warm for several hours. This is a non-toxic gel based on bioethanol with an added thickener.
The fuel paste is ready to use immediately.
With its dimensions of around 85 mm in diameter and around 55 mm in height, the can is easy to handle.
Igniting the fuel paste directly in the can is quick and easy.
A hot, but not too large flame develops for an optimal warming result.

The advantages of fuel paste:

– Suitable for gastronomy as well as in private households

– Can be closed again

– Reusable at short intervals

– Burn time is approx. 2.5 hours

– odorless

– soot-free


The fuel paste is only intended for chafing dishes and food warmers.

The storage of the fuel paste should not be accessible to children.

A resealable can with 200 g fuel paste can be used several times at short intervals.