Fish Food JBL Novo Granomix 250ml / 115g Granulate Main Food For Small Aquarium Fish

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JBL Novo granomix 115g
Complete nutrition and optimal growth of tropical freshwater fish
Nutritious, easy to digest, suitable for automatic feeders: ideal feeding conditions by means of floating and sinking of the granulate for small and medium-sized fish species of 3 to 10 cm in all water layers
No water clouding: reduced algae growth thanks to balanced phosphate content, better water quality due to better digestibility of the food, which reduces fish excrement
Fish choose JBL food: 98.5% of all fish species ate the JBL food immediately during research expeditions in freshwaters. No processing of cheap fish meal, fish meat from fish fillet production for humans is used
Contents: main food, for aquarium fish. After opening use up within 4 months. Unopened storable for 3 years in high-quality packaging with foil seal.

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