Egg Storage Container Acrylic

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علبة حفظ بيض بلكسي بغطا 15جرن

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15 Egg Storage Container, egg organizer with lid is a very useful product where you can store your eggs in a long-lasting, hygienic way without breaking, spoiling. * You can use it safely for years and keep it in your refrigerator. * There are 15 egg compartments. * Multiple boxes can be stacked on top of each other. * Does not contain harmful substances to health. * You can store your eggs more properly and safely in the refrigerator. * With the egg carrying container, eggs can be easily transported without breaking. * You can use it at a picnic or at home. * You can safely use portable food containers designed for those who want to eat healthy. * Made of hard plastic, recyclable material. It is nature friendly. * It is a very useful and practical product as it does not take up space on the shelves. * Dishwasher safe.

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