Duck Tip Silicone Cooking Pinch Grips Oven Mitts Finger Protector Pot Holder for Kitchen

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Made of Soft Silicone Material, Lightweight and Comfortable. Toughness, Not Easy to Tear, Can Be Repeatedly Use, Help You Enjoy a Wonderful Cooking Time.
Silicone Mitts Protect Your Hands from Burns & Hot Items. Withstands High Temperatures, Never Worry About Burning Yourself. When Using the Oven Mitts to Take Out Cookie Sheets, Putting 2 Mitts on One Hand is More Suitable for Ladies.
Cute Yellow Duck Design, Easy to Carry, and Non-Slip, a Wide Range of Uses, Can Firmly Grasp the Bowl or Stainless Steel Pan Edge, Easy to Store and Clean
The Hot Insulation Silicone Rubber Handle Holders Pot Mitts are Perfect for Almost All Kinds of Pans and Pots Such as Cast Iron Pans,Frying Pans,Skillet Pans,Wok Pans,Milk Pans,Dutch Ovens As Well.
The Silicone Hot Handle Holder Mitts are Not Only Durable and Healthy But Also Ductile and Flexible Enough to Fit for Various Pans & Pots Handles.You Won’t Get Burned From Now On.

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