Dryer Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Desini DS-320A

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مكنة تجفيف فواكه

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The Italian Dessini company is one of the famous Italian manufacturers. This company has a brilliant history in the production of various household appliances, and due to its high quality, diverse designs, innovation, the use of quality materials, and reasonable prices, it is very popular among people. Dry fruits are delicious and healthy snacks that can be a suitable alternative to unhealthy snacks. Desini fruit and vegetable dryer model DS-320A is an efficient device for those who love dried fruits and fruit leaves. In addition to fruits, this product can also dry vegetables and flowers. The best Qatar The fruit for drying in this device is 5 mm. This device, with 5 separate layers, allows drying several types of fruits at the same time, and each of these layers has ventilation networks to supply the required air .They are needed for drying food. 5 large trays of the device are placed on top of each other. The trays can be separated from the body, which makes it easier to clean .Adjust the appropriate temperature and heat according to the type of food you want and according to your taste. This device is suitable for use at home, restaurants, factories and stores. Desini DS-320A fruit dryer has a high capacity that allows you to dry a large number of fruits and vegetables in a short period of time. do. In addition, this device is very simple and easy to use and can be used at home, factories and stores. The suitable and standard dimensions of this device and the use of black plastic with steel metal, the possibility of using It provides the fruit dryer without occupying extra space in the kitchen decoration. The body of this fruit dryer is made of transparent plastic so that all the fruits inside the device can be seen. It keeps the taste and smell of the fruit healthy and this is one of the most important features of the product. Every fruit needs a quality dryer.

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