Dogs and Cats Medicine Feeder Pet Medical Feeding Tool Silicone Syringe

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ابرة طعام للحيوان

2.6 $

Length:15 cm/5.91″
Width:6 cm/2.56″
1. Material: made of high-quality material, this product is non-toxic and friendly for pets, and it is harmless for pets.
2. Hygiene: equipped with a protective cover, after each use, covered with a protective cover can prevent needles from being contaminated to ensure sanitation.
3.The Soft Head: the head design accords with the habit that they eat food.
4. Easy to Use: put your forefinger and middle finger in the ring so that you can hold the needle easily and push your thumb slightly. The difficult feeding task is completed.
5. Multi-Usage: it can be used to feed medical liquid, and also can feed water and other liquid food.

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