COB LED Portable Camping Light Emergency Work Night Lights Outdoor Tent Lamp Red

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لمبة بطارية مبروم 8سم اسود

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Lamp Bead: COB LED
LED life: 10,000 hours
Material: ABS
Color: green, blue, red, black
Battery: 3 * AAA (not included)
Product weight: 62 grams
Size: 8 * 8 * 4.8 cm
1. Super bright COB mini tent light, multi-color optional.
2.2 brightness lighting, strong light and low light, according to different needs to choose the brightness, but also hands-free operation time, convenient.
3. Powered by a 3* AAA battery (not included), making it easy to replace the battery.
4. With hooks and magnets, can be hung in tents or attached to iron objects, safe and stable.
5. Suitable for camping, reading, fishing, car repair and other outdoor activities, emergency
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