Clothes Dryer Rack Dogrular Houseplus Black

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Working surface length: 18 m
Peculiarities: folding
Number of rods/tubes: 18
Purpose and benefits
The HOUSEPLUS LD-2001 clothes dryer from Dogrular is a classic functional model with which you can quickly and efficiently dry your washed clothes. Drying is suitable for use at home and in the country.
Working surface
A folding floor horizontal dryer is a structure consisting of several elements – flaps or “wings” placed on the sides of the body and unfolding in different directions. Thus, the working surface of the drying increases and is 18 m.
Compactness and mobility
The HOUSEPLUS LD-2001 floor dryer is lightweight and has a convenient compact design. Folding and unfolding is very easy. Drying weight – 2.5 kg, folded dimensions – 94 x 55 x 5 cm, unfolded – 180 x 55 x 107.5 cm.
The drying structure consists of 18 rods and replaces 18 m of a clothesline. Withstands loads up to 10 kg. The distance between the bars allows you to conveniently place things and dry them quickly. Due to the special design, the necessary air circulation is ensured.
The durable steel structure of the HOUSEPLUS LD-2001 dryer is electrostatically powder coated, so the product is resistant to corrosion and scratches. Reliable mechanisms withstand a long service life and are suitable for daily use in everyday life. Plastic parts are durable, made of high quality material, do not deform over time.

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