Cleaner Wireless 3 In 1 Mite Cleaner Available In Green & White

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16.5 $

It can serve as a convenient handheld vacuum or reliable dust mite remover. You can modify this helpful item to meet your needs and clean your house in no time. It is also possible to utilize this product to clean your vehicle’s interior.

This cleaner is equipped with Cyclonic Filtration and HEPA that efficiently neutralize allergens and dust. Both the filter and waste container can be quickly and efficiently cleaned and made to keep the device last long.
High Pressure: The fully charged state reaches 6000Pa. The high pressure vacuum suction sucks all the endworms that escape the bed, and the hair, fines, dust and other pollutants can be easily sucked away.
Small Corner: The three in one long handled flat brush solves the problem of cleaning small corners, and can be fully applied to home and vehicle environments for small corners that are difficult to clean.
Health: Using our high voltage electric mites vacuum remover to remove the corpse and excrement of mites, etc., sleeping on the bed is healthier and safer, and life is better.

Item Type: Mite Removal Machine
Material: ABS

Weight: Approx. 750g
Product Model : JB-118
Voltage: 7.4V
Power: 120W
Vacuum Degree: 6000pa
Dust Cup Capacity: 200ml
Charging Time: 3.5H
Power Supply: 18650 lithium battery 1800mah (built in)

Package List:

1 x Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Mite Removal Head
1 x Extension Rod
1 x Dust Brush
1 x USB Cable

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